Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Paradise Lost - Introduction

Paradise Lost, by John Milton, was written in 1668. It is an epic poem (Like the Iliad, Odyssey, or Beowulf) written in blank verse. Each book has a summary page at the beginning, called "The Argument".

It is comprised of 12 books, and tells the story of the Fall of Man, or simply "The Fall", and begins in medias res (in the middle of the story). The Fall is told in two story arcs - one about Satan and the other about Adam and Eve.

Milton wrote a sequel entitled Paradise Regained

I am choosing to begin reading this poem while I am still in school for several reasons, which I shall list for you below.

1. I want to read it
2. It seems like a good transitional piece into the Bible (and my summer class on Greek mythology)
3. It gives me something to blog about for the next few weeks
4. I'm avoiding studying for my chemistry exam

That is all folks. Read along if you wish.

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