I have never been a particularly religious person. I was not raised in a religious household (despite both of my parents Catholic upbringings), nor did the thought of angels, saints, or some Holy Spirit ever enter my mind. Instead I have emerged myself completely into the world of science - studying life's big mysteries, laboring over math problems, and observing natural phenomena.

However, as my studies continued I found myself wondering. Something my biology teacher in high school once told me lingered on my mind for weeks, "No scientist can get too far in his field without believing in a higher being." I knew what he meant now - the greatest thinkers in human history believed in something - and it stirred something within me. A desire.

A funny thing happened. I was watching tv, a show which happens to involve Christian lore, and as I listened to a character speak of finding his Father, God, it hit me. That desire I was feeling? It was desire to study the Christian religion, maybe even become a part of it (personally, I think its just the learning bit, but you never know).

That was when I made up my mind. This summer, free from the constraints of college, I would begin a new endeavor and record it. Like any academic I decided I needed to begin on my journey for understanding through research. Not any research though. An intense study of the Bible - the stories, symbols, diction - prayers, traditions, sacraments - you name it, I needed to get my hands on it. I would visit churches and listen to sermons and discussions from theology and religion classes. Anything to improve my understanding.

That is how this blog came about; what it is about. My notes, you could say, on the Bible, religion. In the process, maybe, just maybe, I will find my faith.