Friday, April 30, 2010

7 Quick Takes

My first ever 7 Quick Takes. I'm not sure what the point it, to be honest, but I assume it is to look at the little things (or big ones too, I guess) that made (or unmade) your week in a positive light. Well, here it goes:

I had to update my class schedule for next semester. Unfortunately I'm going to have to retake my math (and chemistry) class and push back my physics class. This semester really did a number on my GPA, but I am confident that I will be able to raise it with my classes from this summer. It's a bummer, redoing my schedule, but I am still excited for my classes. I have a Shakespeare Studies class and one on The Origin of Scientific Thought. Exciting! I love love love Shakespeare. I'll consider this a blessing in disguise; that or my prayers for help finding a direction are working.

My roommate and I had to run barefoot through a thunderstorm the other day. It was amazing; the rain felt so good and I felt like a little kid again. Free.

My mother is of the opinion that I should write a book, since I'm always writing and have an "overactive imagination". I told her it wasn't that easy - you can't just pop out a book. She, of course, claimed I was being too analytical. I think its more like realistic, but I do enjoy writing a short story every once in awhile. I'm just too focused on writing other things at the moment - this blog doesn't write itself, and Paradise Lost is a hard analysis. She did complement my stories though - and I was like "oh, that's what having someone be proud of you feels like!" Always searching for parental approval and they are unimpressed with my desire to obtain a Phd in Physics and Math, "what do you do with a physics major?", they want me to become some sort of vagabond hippie writing tale tales - what kind of parents do I have!?

I had ice cream for the first time in over a year yesterday! It was delicious but I don't plan to make a habit of it. It was a nice change of pace to be able to sit down and enjoy a full meal. I'm normally doing so much that I don't have time to eat, let alone have a salad, burger, potatoes, and dessert.

Every Wednesday my friends and I go to the college improve show. I really enjoy it because it's two hours out of the week where we get to relax and laugh together, focus on something other than worrying so much all the time. The show is very funny too, clever and always referencing pop culture . I met one of the comedians, he was in a play with my friend, and he's an absolute riot.

I saw a guy at breakfast today with amazing yellow shoes. So I told him "I like your shoes, they're cool!" and you know, smiled and gave a thumbs up as I walked away. He looked so happy in that moment. It was amazing. It made me happy and sad - do people normally ignore him? Because that is the air he gave off, shy and depressed. Its amazing what you can see in people when you pay attention - and people never pay attention. I hope I made his day. I know a stranger complementing me always makes me feel like a million dollars.

I'm going to watch a lacrosse game tomorrow night. Most likely I will go alone. I don't mind being alone, it give me time to think and I always end up on an adventure and meeting a whole cast of new characters. I may bring my journal along - I haven't drawn anything in ages and I miss it.

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