My Firsts

A list of things I wish to do for the very first time.

1. Attend Church (Catholic)
2. Attend the Quaker Church
3. Attend that little historical church in town (Protestant)
4. Attend that "famous" church in town (Episcopal - Originally Swedish Lutheran)
5. Attend Baptist Church
6. Attend Bible Study
7. Follow every rule in the Bible (every one!) for a week
8. Pray
9. Get a Rosary
10. Know these lists by heart
11. Watch a televangelist
12. Listen to a religious podcast
13. Listen to a mass lead by the pope
14. Listen to a preacher on the street
15. Talk to a priest
16. Join a catholic organization/club
17. Volunteer for a catholic organization
18. Memorize a verse

Probably many more to be added