Friday, May 14, 2010

7 Quick Takes

I'm home! Which means that I will begin to update again - soon, that is. I have to settle in and unpack 3 full suitcases of shhtufff and I have some work to do. But, I hope that by Monday things will pick back up around these parts.

I may have actually passed my math class. We will see, it's on a weird curve. I'm still waiting for all my finals to get graded. It's nerve-racking

I just read the book synopsis' for my Religion class, and they are AWESOME. I can't wait to start that class.

Checked out my Bible and all those books too - everything is in tip top shape and I'm excited. I forgot what Bible paper feels like, so that threw me for a loop haha.

Tv is killing me this week. The Supernatural finale made me cry and the Lost episode made me want to throw things. I don't know how that finale is going to play out, but you bet your life that I will watch the entire thing.

Finally was able to give my mother her Mother's Day gift :)

I love my dog.

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  1. Hi I stumbled upon your blog, mainly because of the same name. Not complaining, I'll change mine. lol But I am doing pretty much the same thing, but for me its all religions and I thought you can take a look, when you get back, maybe you can tell me something I don't know, or whatever